Frequently Asked Questions

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Statistics today show that a burglary now occurs every 14 seconds. So why wait until after your home has been burgled to get a security system installed? By installing a good system within your home, you know that you will sleep better at night because any potential intruders will see that you have a system in place and are likely to move on to more vulnerable property than yours.

Certainly more false alarms occur when a system has just been recently installed as the new owners have to get use to using one. The first thing you should do after having the system installed is to make sure that every member of the family knows how it works. The next thing that you should all learn is how to both arm and disarm the system. If you happen to have pets in your home then ensure that the motion sensors you are using for your system do not pick them up as they move around the home. But no matter how much you try to prevent a false alarm from occurring, at some stage, one will happen. If it does while you are present, then all you need to do is key in your code in order to disarm it. You can also use the My Visonic SMS App to remotely arm/disarm your burglar alarm.

When an intruder tries to break into your house, the alarm will be sounded off scaring the intruder out of his wits who scampers away with his tail between his legs!

In many instances, the intruder actually runs away for dear life once the alarm sounds off. If you have a GMS Module installed inside the burglar alarm, it will SMS and call pre-defined numbers (usually between 1-4 numbers can be defined) to tell you about the situation. By using the My Visonic SMS App you can also control your burglar alarm remotely from anywhere in the world by just an SMS.  You can ask your neighbor to check physically and call the police or fire.

One of the hottest new varieties of home security system is the wireless kind. These simple systems rely on radio signals to keep everything connected. The advantage is that you save tremendous amounts of time and money on the installation – with few exceptions, most wireless alarm systems can be installed in a matter of hours. The reason for this is simple, of course: no wires means no electrical leads, wire-stripping or circuit testing. Often all you need is a few screws, some basic tools and a little patience to have everything up and running within a day.

Wireless alarm systems come with a host of other advantages as well. Many experts cite their outstanding range as an essential asset – some of the best systems can communicate readily over hundreds of feet without difficulty, effectively doubling the size of the dragnet you deploy. For homeowners with large properties or anyone looking to cover a greater swath of territory, simple solutions like these let you create vast and effective networks quite literally out of thin air. You also have an option to install a wireless extender/booster.

If you have been looking for an alarm system that is inexpensive, effective and easy to install, you may want to look into the many benefits of today’s finest wireless alarm systems. Stick with major brand names and follow the manufacturers’ instructions to the letter if you want to enjoy many years of airtight security from your product. As long as you test it regularly and change the batteries often, you should without question sleep better at night and for a longer period.

A motion detector may activate falsely due to improper installation of the device above a heater or furnace. Movement of objects such as balloons, blinds and curtains within the range of a motion detector may also trigger alarm. The motion detector may require relocation or adjustment by a Response Alarms technician. The batteries may also be weak.

Yes, and we always advise you do. We can program the system to include only those areas of the premises that you want protected and exclude others for the 'night' setting. It is more disturbing to be burgled when you are asleep then when you are out of the house!

In general most alarms will work in the event of a power failure. All alarm control panels incorporate a standby battery which will power the system in the event of a mains electricity failure. The industry standard is for the battery to power the system for a min of 8 hours. If the system is armed and there is a power failure the standby battery will hold the alarm in its current status until the power is restored or an activation is detected. And you will be getting SMS alerts for all the events.

All our alarms are guaranteed for the first year following installation – that includes parts and labour charges as a result of faulty equipment or workmanship.

A user code is an individual PIN (personal identification number) allocated to the alarm system. This is primarily used to arm and disarm the alarm system. Certain user codes can be of a higher importance, thus the alarm system allows certain user codes to have the ability to carry other system procedures i.e. changing codes, omitting zones, arming different areas. Most systems offer the facility to program more than one user code.

Whenever you re-enter the house, the home burglar alarm system will beep at you depending on the entry delay that has been set. Just enter the code and it switches off. You can also use the keyfob to disarm the system from outside the house. You also have the option of My Visonic SMS App to disarm the system by SMS.

The alarm will only ring for a pre-programmed length of time before silencing and re-arming itself. If you are there and everything is secure you just enter your code to stop it.

Yes. The batteries in the sensors have a life-expectancy of 1 year. It is recommended to change the sensor batteries once a year. The central control panel of the burglar alarm generally has a rechargeable battery which should work for years. All the central control panels will display a message on the screen if any of the sensors are on low battery. You will also receive an SMS with the details of the sensor which is low battery about a month before it runs out. 

Yes, as long as you’re happy that we’d be installing a system that provides proper protection. In case of wireless burglar alarms you also have an option to add/remove sensors depending on the areas that you want to protect.

In the majority of home alarm cases, the installation will not take more than a day. A larger installation may go over into a second day.

Yes. The system has a inbuilt dialer which gives you a call on your mobile/land line number and also SMSs you whenever the system is alarming. You can define 1 – 4 numbers into your system which are dialed and also sent SMSs when an alarm condition occurs. You can also define the number of retries and number of acknowledgements before the burglar alarm stops dialing.

Yes, 12 months of standard manufacturer warranty for all parts (from the date of purchase) and labor.

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