Tikee-3 Time Lapse Camera


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Outdoor time lapse made easy

100% self-sufficient – solar panel and battery
100% connected– Wifi & 4G
Weatherproof & designed for outdoor use
Compact – 21 x 18 x 7 cm – 1,5 kg
Photos: 4K & 220° panoramic

Tikee-3 Time Lapse Camera

100% self-sufficient

Never worry about the battery or memory card. Our Tikee outdoor timelapse camera regulates its power depending on the available sunlight and transmits its images remotely for several months or even years.

Rotating solar panels & high-performance battery

Our Tikee 3 timelapse camera is designed for outdoor use and suitable for long-term timelapse videos thanks to its innovative solar panel and a new built-in battery with a power of 24000mAh.

Optimized for long-term timelapses

Thanks to its smart energy management, our Tikee long-term timelapse camera regulates its own autonomy, shooting settings, photo uploads, etc.

100% connected

Go beyond the limits of timelapse and regular webcams to capture moments and relive them. Our 4K timelapse camera connects to Wi-Fi or 4G and sends its images as the sequences progress.

Wi-Fi & 4G connection

Send photos via Wi-Fi or 4G networks to a secure and powerful cloud. Enjoy cloud storage for unlimited timelapses and remote updates of your camera from the cloud. Get notifications of your current timelapse projects so you’re always up-to-date with what’s happening. Live streaming of auto-created timelapses Timelapses are automatically created in our web app myTikee. Watch & share updated timelapse videos with your latest uploaded images. Out of network? Thanks to the Force Upload mode, send your photos when you need them as soon as the camera connects to the network of your choice.

4K 220° professional timelapse photography

An outstanding panoramic field of view in full resolution for professional results.

220° panoramic photography

Immerse yourself in beautiful scenery (a sunset or sunrise, the four seasons, a glacier melting, etc.) thanks to our Tikee timelapse camera’s incredible panoramic view of more than 220° and a vertical aperture of 90°. Advanced effects such as Pan & Zoom for automatic and digital tracking shots.
2 Sony EXMOR R 16Mpx sensors
The best reference for professional photography: fast, sensitive and high-resolution sensors. A 4K timelapse camera to generate detailed images: 4608 × 3456 pixels per sensor.